Older Adult Inpatient Behavioral Health

Older Adults that struggle with mental health issues can benefit from mental health services at Arrowhead Behavioral Health in Maumee, Ohio. We provide an expert level of care designed for older adults suffering from a variety of mental health and behavioral issues. Treatment teams involved in the care at Arrowhead Behavioral Health consist of psychiatrists, master’s-level social workers, nurses and activity therapists. Mental health professionals assess patients on a daily basis to meet the complex needs of older adult patients. The goal of the older adult inpatient mental health program is to provide stabilization of mental health and behavioral symptoms for a greater quality of life. We do not provide Alzheimer’s or dementia care.

Counselors in the Admissions and Referral Center at Arrowhead Behavioral Health are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for mental health assessments.

If you are an older adult who would like additional information, or you know an individual that could benefit from our Older Adult Inpatient Behavioral Health program, please call 419-891-9333 or 800-547-5695.