Alcohol Detox Treatment Program

Alcoholism is a serious disease and if left untreated could lead to multiple health problems including death. It can seem like an impossible task to quit drinking for individuals that are addicted to drinking but it is necessary and possible to do to so to live a long and healthy life. Arrowhead Behavioral Health in Ohio recognizes the struggles involved with addiction recovery and is able to help with every step of the treatment process, beginning with detox. The alcohol detox treatment program at our treatment facility is available for adults ages 18 and older.

Individuals who have an alcohol addiction can experience physical symptoms when withdrawing from the drug. Some of these withdrawal symptoms include, but are not limited to: tremulousness, sweating, increased pulse, severe fears, hallucinations, delusions, and increased temperature, blood pressure, or heart rate. Arrowhead Behavioral Health offers medically supervised services to help patients detox from alcohol, so withdrawal symptoms can be treated making the transition to a sober lifestyle as easy as possible.

Alcohol detox is the first step to a full recovery from alcohol addiction. Arrowhead Behavioral offers inpatient and outpatient programs for individuals to engage in their next steps of healing. At our treatment facility, we feel it is important to to give individuals every tool possible to aid in recovery and detox from alcohol. We individually assess each client’s addiction and history to create treatment plans that are customized for each specific individual.

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